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Note:  Card payments can be made via Stripe on our main site  We no longer process credit card payments using submitted card details.

See below for more information about this form and how it works.

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Just enter the message details then click “Encrypt Message“, then click “Send“.  But don’t “Encrypt Message” before you have finished writing it.  It can’t be read or edited once encrypted.  The form won’t send without first securing the data, so you can’t accidentally send the information without first encrypting it.

Be Aware:  Not often but occasionally we don’t receive the encrypted data.  This may be due to security settings of systems not forwarding encrypted email.

How it works

This web page uses wp2pgpmail to encrypt data before sending it directly to us via email.

It’s a bit like encrypted email, but much easier to use. You don’t need a special program, to install add-ons or rely on another service.  The form you see above does the encryption right here on your computer.  The encrypted data goes to PMB-NZ – encrypted all the way.

Clicking the “Encrypt Message” button uses the public-key half of our encryption key-pair to secure the data you enter in the form right here inside your browser.

Submitting the form sends the encrypted data to PMB-NZ.  At our end the message comes in as a large jumbled block of random characters.  With the correct private-key, which only we have, it can be read.  Each time we want to read the message the long pass-phrase must be re-entered.  A bit of effort, but it means only the person with the pass-phrase can read the message.

Anyone intercepting the message between sending and our receiving it will not be able to decode or read it.

It’s probably more secure than a phone call or carrier pigeon 🙂

Did you know that when using a https web-mail page your email is not always secured all the way between you and your service provider but can be passed in plain text for anyone listening in to read.  This encrypted form overcomes that privacy hole by securing the email from end to end.